Video Samples

Sandra Martin recently added an ebook version of Breaking the “Sound” Barrier to Fluent Reading (BSB), Level 1 with optional teaching videos and also created a revised spiral-bound, print version of BSB, Level 1 with a DVD containing the teaching videos. The optional DVD offers 57 videos of the author, Sandra Martin, instructing teachers and students: 17 videos are informational for teacher/parent viewing and 38 videos are for students. Student videos show the author teaching phonics through sports-themed, high-interest skits.The videos average from 1 to 3 minutes in length. If the DVD is not purchased, teachers have more of a role with acting out the scenarios. Adequate scripted explanations are given in BSB for teachers to feel comfortable with doing their own acting.

View sample videos below:

 Video 7, BSB1B  Video 9, BSB1B

Watch an explanation of the rationale for teaching phonics using unusual memory devices. Discover why phonics or lists of letters are unrelated items that have no meaning by themselves.
Watch one of many high-interest, phonic-word stories targeting the interest level of the student in grades 4-12– visualizing an apple for the short “a.”




 Video 18, BSB1B  Video 42, BSB1B

Watch a mini lesson geared to the adolescent in grades 4-12 about the controlling power of the letter “r.”

Watch a middle/high school instructional video about learning to spell. Teachers can rewire learning pathways in the brain to build successful spellers.





Learning By Doing

The success of BSB is found within a carefully documented research process.

 DVD Clip 2a, BSB1B  DVD Clip 2b, BSB1B

View students’ weak phonics skills before BSB.

View students’ strong phonics skills after BSB.



 DVD Clip 4, BSB1B DVD Clip 5, BSB1B

Watch students with previous reading difficulties demonstrate their ability to read large words, including those from the Guinness Book of World Records, gaining 1 to 4 years of reading grows in one year.
Watch students remember the phonic sounds from grade 5 through grade 12. Before BSB, they could not remember them.