Do your students hate math because they can’t remember how to do the problems without a calculator? Calculators are great; however, having a good math foundation helps students perform advanced math problems more efficiently. If students accomplish basic math skills, the chances of success are greater in higher grades.

Mathopedia is like an encyclopedia of math skills for teachers, parents, homeschoolers and students. The spiral-bound, 119-page book can be a reference, review, study guide, and more. ALL math skills from addition to pre-algebra are sequentially presented and each on one page with fewer words. It serves as both an introduction to skills in grades 1-3 and an intervention for those who struggle with math skills in grades 4-12. Mathopedia is multisensory, very high-interest, and benefits diverse populations of students.

Do your students know how to:

  • add, subtract, multiply, and divide without a calculator?
  • perform fractions, decimals, and percent problems easily?
  • solve problems with integers?
  • make a box and whisker plot?
  • use both the metric system and the English system of measurement?
  • perform all basic operations, decimals, fractions, percents, and integers without making lots of mistakes?
  • easily solve equations and use formulas?
  • use a stem and leaf plot to keep track of their grades?
  • understand the basic terminology for geometry?
  • solve word problems?

Mathopedia will help students easily answer those questions.

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