Guest Blogging

I have recently begun to guest blog on certain topics that are pertinent in my area of education. For the time being, you can catch those links on this page which will be updated each time I have a new article out. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts!

Article Abstract

…the slacker-teacher stereotype still persists and has led lawmakers to enact educational reforms over the past 2 decades that direct the curricula teachers teach and the tests they use to measure students’ progress. State tests have been created to ensure standards are met, and very rigid curricula are mandated to teach students to achieve these standards. The pendulum has swung to a one-size-fits-all model. With this teach-and-test approach teachers are ostracized if they suggest that the curriculum and tests are inappropriate. Test anxiety is now prevalent and kids are programmed to go to college whether they want to or not.  The ongoing stereotype of slacker teachers created the current state of affairs.